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New Credit Scoring model on the horizon-the Credit providers are trying to help lenders and borrowers alike to understand credit
scoring.  In the past the 3 top repositories used their own models to come up with scores based on the same information.  Vantage
Score promises to make it easier for consumers to understand their scores.  Ratings are offered to range between 501-990 with those
over 900 earning "A" ratings.  This is a positive move for those that have limited credit histories to obtain financing.  The best advice stays
the same though-pay on time, keep balances low and show a history of paying different types of debt (long and short term).

Tax Credit for Current Homeowners & 1st time Homebuyers Tax Credit   There you go- a little help from the government to help put
people back in houses!  But hurry!  
April 30th, 2010 is the expiration date.

General Tax Credit for Homebuyers Reference  -from the Illinois Association of Realtors.

Current Financial Outlook articles-  If you'd like to read up on general real estate information and topics in the mainstream, visit this
page for a sampling of Real Estate News Feeds as they happen and links to finance pages that can help you determine where the
markets are going- not where they've been!

10 Things- Any Home Buyer should keep in mind -when looking for a home & plenty of other helpful hint booklets you can order thru our
web site.  Just fill-in the publication numbers of the documents you'd like to have on our Request form at the bottom of the page; we'll
send them via the email address you designate!

Types of Mortgages Brochure -Explained!  If you don't understand what your loan officer is saying to you... maybe now's the time to read
up on it!

Private Mortgage Insurance-  What is IT? A word or two, about a payment that you can pay, which is less than opting for a 2nd mortgage
payment; however, you may not understand quite how it helps or affects your bottom line in a mortgage transaction...

City Mapping of various resources:  Schools, transit systems-CTA/Metra, bike trails areas of interest in Chicago, Libraries, Fire Stations,
Police facilities, just about anything you can think of mapped out for you.

Chicago Weather:  Dopplar weather map and other weather related facts.

Cook County Recorder & links:  Circuit court system, offenders/ten most wanted, vital statistics, property tax assessors office, etc.

MethLab Home on the market to be resold?  View a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration map of meth lab incidents by state to see
how prevalent it is in your area:

FREE Yearly Credit Reports Link:  This link will take you to the official disclosure letter issued by the State of Illinois Attorney General;
whereby, you can link directly to the Credit reports web site.

Preparing your Credit for a new purchase!- Start 60 days ahead & get it in shape!  A finance professional can help you stay on track and
follow up or you can prepare it yourself!

HUD has come out with 20 minute seminars- "Online" to inform prospective new buyers about credit issues and what to look for when
purchasing a home.

See the Link-
Credit scoring reflects on the rates you get charged for insurance!  As usual the invention of computers is chipping
away at our way of life...but is it going to benefit everybody in the long run or just force us to spend more?

10 ways to cut your Remodeling Costs    Link up with this article on remodeling.

Roofing Issues  - If you've ever wondered about the age and or condition of your roof, or somebody else's... take a look at this site made
possible thru the
National Roofing Contractors Assoc.  Roofing Guides, locating Assoc. Roofer's by zip code.

Fireplace Safety-  Before you enjoy that warm glow...

How To... Clean up after a flood...  Tips on minimizing & preparing for water damage.

Schools  If the School you put your children into is a concern.  Where you purchase your next home determines the school district you
belong to.

Architectural Glossary- Can't decide what kind of housing design you like or have?

Title Stories-  What do you pay for when you buy title insurance?  How about some title horror stories?? Insurance is always expensive
till you need it!  How about a "
Home Warranty Horror Video"?

GO GREEN!!!!  Why?  It’s a great way to get the home you want because it allows your potential monthly energy savings to be
used as income credits.  This can help you qualify for the loan you need and make the energy-efficient improvements you want – turning
your home into a greener home and it can be used on Purchases or Refinances!.

With todays Chicagoland homes being in need of renovations and remodeling now is a great time to discuss...Energy Efficient

Do you have a property which needs new Windows?
Maybe the heating system is antiquated?  
Looking at a foreclosure property that's got what you want including pricing; but, needs some
work done to make it more ENERGY EFFICIENT?

Perfect!  Talk with a Professional Realty Partner/Agent or a Richland Mortgage lending officer-  We'll give you the inside scoop on
Purchasing or Refinancing these major expenses into your loan and getting added benefits,
like lower energy costs & encouragement to
make the changes!

For those of you who are 1st time buyers, great news!
Down Payment Assistance

Did you know 1st time home buyers are also any buyer that has not owned a home in the past 3 years!  Well if this describes you  then
now may be a great time to cash in on the FHA Down payment assistance thru the governments Incentive Tax Credit - All you need to do
to use part of the $15,000 tax credit as a down payment is to purchase an FHA approved property.  Any Residential property can be
approved including certain condo complexes.  Ask your Realtor which associations qualify for down payment assistance you don't need
to pay back!

So what does that mean?  Let's take the Calculator to the left and see what comes out-
Do you want to know how much you'll have to pay to payoff a loan in 15 years?  Plug the amount you owe in the loan amount area, plus
your current interest rate and then note the amount of years you want to pay it off in.  This gives you a payment amount to make that
happen.  If the payment is too high, add years on until you get to a payment you can live with.

Or- in example, take a $100,000 loan amount & plug in a 7% interest rate then plug in the 40 year amortization instead of 30 years.  You
should get about $45.00 less per month!  That's huge!  With the average home in Chicagoland costing $300,000 plus- home buyers
stand to save approximately $135.00 per month.  Then, when your income rises you can start paying that extra money or more every
month and still finish your mortgage with in 30 years or sooner!  It's called a "Principle of Cash Flow" and in financing circles you can
preform miracles with it!  Find out what kind of benefits there are to different types of mortgages by asking a
Buyer's Personal Care
from Professional Realty Partners, Inc. to show you how to create cash flow or early payoff & we'll help design a plan that works
with your mortgage to make home ownership a little more pleasant to make payments on & whole lot more profitable years down the

Don't forget
Buyer's Assistance...  Find Out when you can no longer get buyers assistance gift funds you never have to pay back!- If you
don't close soon!.  

Disclaimer:  Do note this is an example!  This is not an offer to lend!  Those wishing to apply for a mortgage must  pre-qualify according
to the selected program that they wish to use which may be more or less in interest rate, term and loan amount.
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A great resource of "Calculators" are located on
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calculators page scroll down to the "HOME"
paragraph- there are many types of helpful
calculators that can help you make your own
decisions on making
extra payments, paying
discount points, debt consolidation-if you enjoy
getting informative answers- take a look!  
Annual Complimentary Mortgage Financial Review's are going on NOW-
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Title Horror Stories-  What
do you pay for when you buy
title insurance?  How about
some title horror stories??
Insurance is always
expensive till you need it!
REALTORS® push for the tax credit to be extended beyond the Dec. 1, 2009 deadline and expanded
with the recent Call for Action.
Send a message to your Congressperson and Senators, calling on
them to extend and expand the credit. In his recent Letter to the Editor published in the Chicago
Tribune, former IAR President Pat Callan makes the case for extending the tax credit, saying “Let's
not stall this housing recovery in its infancy. In fact one of the best ways to promote broader economic
recovery and stability is to ensure that the real estate market is stabilized and healthy. The
continuation and expansion of the first-time home-buyer tax credit helps achieve that goal.”