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Realtor and Loan Origination licensing/legislation information:

*       Office of Professional & Financial Regulation   - Loan Officer & Real Estate Agent regulations.

 Loan Originator Registration link to IDFPR  -This link will take you directly to the application information
area with the state- you must have a Loan Originator's license number issued before you can originate
loans in the State of Illinois. (you will need information from the sponsoring financial brokerage to fill-in the

*      Transfer Applications to a new brokerage can also be printed from this site.  The LO Transfer Process
As Announced by IDFPR.  Per IDFPR, Department of Banks, after the transfer application once completed
and is submitted to IDFPR, the Registered 031 Loan Officer can start to work on a temporary 45-day permit
set forth in rule 1050.2155. We are taking the position that the submission (and receipt) of the transfer
application suffices.  

*       Another site to research is for additional Loan Officer information provided by the Illinois
Association of Mortgage Brokers.

Applied Measurement Professionals  -Loan Originators information on Registration of new Loan
Originators-locations for State Exam sign up fingerprinting & back round checks.  Copy and paste this link -
-for information on the steps necessary to complete the process
and the costs involved.

Loan Origination Exam Preparation:  

( the companies provided below are for reference only-no guarantees or recommendations are intended.)

*   -Study Guide and Online Practice Examinations.  Located in Lincolnwood,
*  -Home Study & In-class exam prep.  Located in Franklin Park, Illinois.   

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Continuing Education information for Loan Originators and Real Estate Professionals.

Real Estate  Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

· You may access the Real Estate License Act of 2000 and Administrative Rules on our Website at

Agent Continuing Education (CE) Hour Requirements
Prior to renewing a license, the licensee shall be required to complete the continuing education between
May 1, of every odd year and April 30, of every odd year. (EXP: 5/1/09 to 4/30/11)

*      If the Salesperson was licensed on or before April 30 of the Prior Renewal Year, then 12 hours of CE is
required. (6 hours of core/mandatory and 6 hours of elective).

*      If the Salesperson was licensed immediately after the last Renewal Year between May 1 of the odd year
and April 30 of the following even year, then 6 hours of CE is required. (3 hours of core/mandatory and 3
hours of elective).

*      If the Salesperson was licensed immediately before the Renewal Year after May 1 of the even year and
before April 30 of the Renewal Year, then No CE is required for this renewal.
Certification of Compliance with Continuing Education Requirements

*       Each renewal applicant shall certify, on the renewal application, to full compliance with the CE

*       The Department may require additional evidence demonstrating compliance with the CE requirements.
It is the responsibility of each renewal applicant to retain or otherwise produce evidence of such compliance
upon request.

License Renewal
Upon completing your required hours, then submit by mail or online your renewal form to the Illinois
Department of Financial and Professional Regulations with your payment of $150.00.  If you have any
questions regarding your requirements contact the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional
Regulations at (217) 785-9300 or visit them at WWW.IDFPR.COM.  Licensee Lookup can be done at- for current information.  For Compliance issues- CE

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