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As a part-time or full-time investor- nothings easy in life!

I don't recall the first time I looked at a large building and said men before me built these and
that means it is possible to do the same thing or better in my lifetime.  Well since then I've
found out everything I can about investing, market conditions, valuation, finance, what makes a
property desirable & how people make money in investing in real estate.  I want to take a
moment and mention that in the last 10 years appreciation went wild in some areas across the
United States and many people got wealthy investing in it.  Now it's come time for the markets
to shift and many get rich overnighters have learned another lesson.  Protecting your assets
from erosion is also a full time task.  I can't say enough about being ready to invest, I've met
many people that are putting everything they've got into real estate, then going into a high risk
project for the profit potential, then wishing they hadn't.   

This is where I plug our company-
Professional Realty Partners, Inc. is involved in investment
real estate and if you've never invested in the past or even if you are a seasoned investor -our
job is to help you realize the art of investing wisely.  If the people you choose to represent you
aren't looking out for your interests, your financial situation could take a hit.   While no one can
predict the future-it's of great importance that you have proper Counsel, Loan Officers that
can estimate what it's going to take to close a deal, & real estate brokers that do their research
into the tax records and zoning to help identify properties ripe for investment!  
Why do you
need a Realtor- to protect your interests!
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Disclaimer:  PRP, Inc. does not warrant, represent or in any other way present the validity of the links that are referenced or their contents- the links provided here are for reference
only and information derived from them is purely coincidental & should be verified at the users own discretion.  Research should always be conducted by accessing multiple sites to
verify informational validity.
**Professional Realty Partners, Inc., Richland Mortgage & 1st Commercial Funding are separate business entities.
Using the resources of one company does not imply use of another.  Persons wishing to Buy or Sell Real Estate are encouraged to research and decide for themselves on using any
company that  transacts business in the marketplace.  
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Wholesaler's Investment Information
Landlord/Tenant rights:  This site will inform you of your rights as a tenant or landlord by showing you the actual codes
for download to your computer for handy reference.

Building Owners - Do you own a Vacant Building in the City of Chicago? This is the Department of Buildings where
Contractors Licensing info, Building ordinances & city related forms can be found.

Chicago Area Landlord Guide-  Overview of the major laws and regulations existing for residential rental property management and

Landlord Training Courses: Provided by the City of Chicago- Description and Class Scheduling.

Training Classes provided by Midwest REA-Meeting schedule for the year.  Become a member or pay as you
go- the meetings are worth the price of admission!

CCIA seminars for investors feature different speakers on all facets of investing and business management.  
Meetings are also Open to the Public for a nominal fee unless you become a member. If you haven't heard of Real Estate Owned or "REO" these are properties owned by Lenders.  If you
haven't heard of they are a web site that collects data from lenders that wish to post their REO
properties for ELECTRONIC AUCTIONS.  This can be an interesting experience and although Chicagoland doesn't
get a whole lot of properties that land on this site-it's worth looking into.  Our company is a registered agency & is
able to post offers for their properties if you should find something you would like to bid on.  

Just put in the request to bid on a property on our
"Contacts Page" or call directly for an REO Agent.  We can
facilitate the transaction or answer your questions, immediately!

Illinois HUD Homes & Bidding Information Professional Realty Partners, Inc. is a HUD approved Buyers Bidding
Representative If you have an interest in purchasing HUD homes in the State of Illinois you must be represented by
an approved agent to submit bids on properties, we can represent your interests.

REHAB LOANS for INVESTMENT PROPERTY  -If you have an interest in rehab construction maybe now's the time to find
out how to get started.   We have lenders that can help you with renovation or new construction.  Just send your
contact information and we can take you from finding the property, to financing it, to selling it!  We've got Short term
money with experienced evaluators who's job it is to make your investment pay off so the Investor's make money...
what a great concept!

Rehab Lending has benefits-

- Little to No Money Down
- 10 day closing
- Project consulting and evaluation
- Property can be vacant and/or boarded up

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Professional Realty Partners, Inc. makes a market presence in:

  •    Lender owned properties (REO)

  •    Registered as (HUD) authorized buyers representatives

  •    (LMC) Loss Mitigation Consultants calling on pre-foreclosure Borrowers
from Lenders direct

  •    Members of the Chicagoland Multiple Listing Service (MLSNI)