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10 ways to help prepare your home for Selling!-  let's face it...Sometimes we gather
many unnecessary items and place them in our homes because we might need them
one day.  When you go to sell your home, the best thing you can do is take a cold hard
look at the way your home shows it's self.  If it looks clogged up because of all those
items that you don't use but can't give up -buyer's will expect the worst and the prices
offered will reflect unknown hidden expectations.  The best way to get top dollar is to
"show" the home to it's best advantage.  Thus the Self-Storage market is of particular
interest in real estate transactions... by holding all the stuff we can't bear to part with!  

Area Discounters-   Our
company receives
discounts and incentives to
refer other companies for
services.  We in turn cannot
recommend or represent
the quality of the companies
services however, we will
pass along their incentives
to do business with them
and post any negative
experiences in the interest's
of our future client's.  

Adjustable Rate Mortgage
default on the rise-
 They say
about 1/4th of the mortgages on
the market are Adjustable and
are scheduled to reset in 2006
& 2007.  This is expected to
result in a 1 in 8 default rate
amongst those with Adjustable
Mortgage rates.  

As a word of advice from a Loss
Mitigation Specialist-Call and
keep in touch with your
lender-suggest a Loan
Modification and work with them
to find a solution.  Consider
selling the property if the price
you'll get is "more" than what
you paid for it but also consider
in this market that if you do have
to do a short or assisted sale
the lender will help and in most
cases forgive the balance, as
long as you cooperated.  
Borrower's are in a better
position to sell than to wait til the
foreclosure goes on the books
& the lender comes after them
for unsettled debt!

Bureaus sell your
information to 3rd
parties!!!  To get out of the
advertising loop you can
 1-888-5OPTOUT (1
888 567 8688) to remove
your information from the
marketing lists and
pre-approved credit offer
lists sold to third parties.  
(Please note: this is an
automated voice system
which asks for a Social
Security number amongst
other private information).  
You can also speak
directly to a representative
at each bureau if you
would feel better about it.  
This will help solve the
junk mailings for credit
card offers and such.
We research the markets in not only our home area but in many
of the Northwest Suburbs and City of Chicago- so we've got the
latest information on trends/legislation and local events that affect
home buying and selling.  It's our business to be in-the-know,
that's where we intend to keep our edge in the marketplace.  Go
ahead and speak with our Agents and Loan Officer's as well as
read up on some of the pages here in the web site.  Legislation
creates good and bad investments and sometimes a quick check
for a new change can make a difference.
Professional Realty Partners, Inc.

Home Repairs -if you are a homeowner, you've wondered how to get a leaky roof repaired or a
broken sump pump replaced when you can't come up with the money... this site attempts to help
those homeowners that can't help themselves.

Staging your Home for best price!  
Take the Quiz!  See if you know all there is to know on staging
your home to make the most of it's attributes.
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Cash for Keys!
(In as little as 4 DAYS)

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Professional Investment
Partners, llc.
Our marketing reach goes past the area MLSNI-multiple listing service and covers the IDX
Broker exchange network, HUD home listings, our own listing featured pages and even more
national listing engines such as  We get you the maximum online exposure and
then we handle local neighborhood exposure by using our networking contacts and software
programs to zero in on prospective Buyers for the type of home you have to sell.  We monitor
your sales pricing to keep it valued properly with respect  to the immediate area competition
and we keep in contact with reporting functions so you are kept informed -including pictures.  
We stay on the ball with staging information, visual appeal tips and such so your home sells for
it's highest price, in the fastest time period and most importantly- to your satisfaction!  

Our company values it's clients so we hope you'll be so happy with your sale that you won't
make another move without calling on us in the future.

The proof is in our pride- we love what we do for our clients!
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Pre-foreclosure problems...

we don't always get what we want in life-even great planning can go awry.  Just when everything is
going great things can change without a moments notice... working with lender/servicers has given
our company the added benefit of really helping the community and it's homeowners-just by
extending a helping hand when it's needed most... if you are experiencing problems making your
mortgage payments due to temporary or permanent forces-consult with a  
Loss Mitigation

Why this is important-   We help Lenders & Homeowners communicate again & our goal is to
help homeowners make informed decisions in crucial times based on their financial situation.

An Advance Tip:  Allow a Loss Mitigation/Home Retention Counselor to review your situation
and help!!!

If you should find yourself in the position to need guidance please contact our
trained Loss Mitigation Specialists   Professional Realty Partners, Inc. is an active participant in the
business of being there for the immediate community as well as communities from Waukegan to
the North down to the Far South Side.  As a community service to those homeowners that find
themselves in need of assistance,
Professional Realty Partners' trained Loss Mitigator's allow you
to ask questions, and help homeowners to make decisions on a delicate subject from an
informed viewpoint.  It's not easy being foreclosed upon, it's the one time in your life when every
decision you make affects your family and your future abilities to purchase a home...why walk away
from a resource that can help!  We don't charge for the consult -in many cases the lender has
already paid for our assistance!   Subcontracted by various lenders to get the lines of
communication opened back up; our 1st commitment is to help those that need Financing and
Real Estate expertise.  The benefit of getting answers when answers are hard to come by has
allowed Professional Realty Partners, Inc. to operate on it's referrals and the good will generated
thru our work with the communities & homeowners we serve.
Seller Concessions?

Great houses always sell!  Sometimes they need a little push!  The days of
appreciation without improvements might not be as easy to do.  However, a
home with curb appeal, interior floor plan spaciousness, and a great
neighborhood with schools and shopping nearby will always be in demand.  
But what about if you don't have all that?  Offering a little concession may
do the trick!  

Ask a Realtor what they think about your homes value and how they are
going to market the listing!  Really pay attention to the Comparative Market
Analysis and the answers will be right there in front of you!  You can't make
'em buy it but you can offer incentive to purchase and close quickly with the
right combination of price and concessions to sweeten the deal.
What are your neighbors
homes selling for?
Find Out here!
A Site or Two on Fraud...

It's as simple as that...did
they bilk you out of your
home, your money , your
credit-did they ask you to do
something that clearly wasn't
a normal request.  

Checking with the name
search link for the
Department of Financial and
Professional Regulation
would help you determine if
the realtor or loan officer had
been reprimanded in the

Going to
could help you get them
before they do it again!  This
site allows you to turn in
fraud suspects to the FBI in
Illinois and Springfield
Another fact of Life...
but what about the House?  
Consult with a
Home Planner
For Sale By Owner Factoid

Did you know that trying to sell to friends and family was the way
most Sales without a Realtor happened.  

For Sale By Owner transactions where the Owner's did not know
the Buyers in some way...

accounted for only 7% of closed for sale by owner  transactions?
(Seller's Showing Feedback - ID/Password Required)