...working with Lender's,  Mortgage Servicer's
and Borrower's  to get everyone back on track!
We don't always get what we want in life-even great planning can go awry.  Just when
everything is going great things can change without a moments notice... Working with
Lenders and Mortgage Servicers, has allowed our company the added benefit of really
helping the community and it's homeowners-just by extending a helping hand when it's
needed most... if you are experiencing problems making your mortgage payments due
to temporary or permanent forces-consult with a  
Loss Mitigation/Home Retention

We are Real Estate Realtors and Lending specialists, uniquely trained to assist with
foreclosure   We help Lenders & Homeowners communicate again & our goal is to
help homeowners make informed decisions in crucial times based on their financial  

An Advance Tip:  Allow a Loss Mitigation/Home Retention Counselor to review your
situation and help you make a very personal decision
when you have the latest
information on what to do!

 The Problem is:

Foreclosure Proceedings - the adult version of
Pregnant and 14 years old.

When you're that Young "&" Pregnant:

*        You're afraid to tell other people, when you would normally trust them with          
           your life about the problem
(Parents, Teachers, Clergy)

*        You can't afford a Doctor (Professional Consultation)

*        You talk to others that have never had this happen before. They suggest
remedies based on there own lack of knowledge on the subject
(Peer Group)

*        When you talk to some people they let their ulterior motives get in the way           
          of explaining your options. They don't have to pay for it-it won't be their
problem later when the additional bills continue rolling in
(Bankruptcy Attorney's that
are "file-happy" however may not be equipped to help later...)

*        Meanwhile the situation continues to grow & it's going critical within       
7-9 months of the "Default date" whether you're ready to deal with it or not!

If you should find yourself in the position to need guidance please contact our
trained Loss Mitigation Specialists.  Professional Realty Partners, Inc. is an active
participant in the business of being there for the immediate community as well as
communities from Waukegan to the North- down to the Far South side of Chicago then
out to the West as far as Elgin and Crystal Lake.  As a community service to those
homeowners that find themselves in need of assistance,
Professional Realty
trained Loss Mitigator's allow you to ask questions, and help homeowners to
make decisions on a delicate subject from an informed viewpoint.  It's not easy being
foreclosed upon, it's the one time in your life when every decision you make affects your
family and your future abilities to purchase and qualify financially for another home...
why walk away from a resource that can help!  
We don't charge for the consult -in
many cases the lender's that send us out to talk to their Borrower's have already paid
us; in advance, for our assistance!   Subcontracted by various lenders to get the lines of
communication opened back up; our 1st commitment is to help those that need
Financing and Real Estate expertise.  

The benefit of getting answers when answers are hard to come by has allowed
Professional Realty Partners, Inc. to operate on it's referrals and the good will
generated thru our work with the communities & homeowners we serve.

Yes, we list homes as Real Estate Broker's but that's your decision to list with us or
any broker that has a knowledge of "Pre-Foreclosure Property Sales" and more
importantly, "Short Sales".  Not all broker's want to involve themselves or know how to
get a property sold before the lender sells it at Sheriff's Sale-  We do this every day - we
know why it's so important to work with all parties involved to settle the situation for
everyone's mutual benefit.  

Empower yourself - arm yourself, with the knowledge to make the best of the situation.
Call us or visit our
Archives page for more basic foreclosure and time line information.

Most of all, remember it's a situation- it's curable & if you work at it by getting information
to help you make the right decisions-you can recover and even
purchase again with a
better perspective of what it takes to own property!

Call us, it is a FREE call, below or
see our short sale information pages
You may be in the beginning or late stages of foreclosure but there's always time to
make the best of it- see
DefaultAdvocate.org   for information on how our group helps

Professional Realty Partners, Inc.
Best Reason's to do an
Assisted Short Sale with a
pre-foreclosure property

  •        Debt on Credit
    Report shows “paid as
    agreed, settled for less
    than amount” a more
    favorable result than any
    other result
  •        Do not have to
    count forgiven amount as
    “Income” on tax returns
  •        Lender will save
    expenses estimated over
    $40,000 incurred upon
    homes that are taken
    back via Sheriff’s Sale
  •        Within a minimum
    time frame (2 yrs.)
    Homeowner can reapply
    for a home loan.
  •        4 yrs., for
    Conventional lending
  •        Remember what your
    house really is - an
    investment that allowed
    you to store your family
    in it while it appreciated.  
    All investments go up
    and down over time.  
    First and formost, it's still
    just an investment.  
    When the investment
    doesn't make money or
    sucks up more money
    than it produces- it's time
    to cut losses so you can
    reinvest on an up market
    in the future.

Tips to get this Done:

Being proactive and working
with your lender continues to be
the best way to handle a messy
situation.  Keep in touch with
your Lender, (especially helpful
if you have gone over 90 days
late- as this is the time that
lender’s are now ready to talk
Loan Modification or Assisted
Sale).  This can be hard to do
during the 1st 90 days as they
call excessively and only want
to hear you have the money to
get current- but if you have no
choices to get current- your
window of opportunity doesn’t
close at the 90 days plus
marker.  You do need to have
monies to contribute towards a
reaffirmation of the mortgage
and you must do a financial
package with documentation
that you are able to make the
new payments.  Don’t forget to
know your rights, as this is the
best way to help yourself.  
Consult with more than one
resource, an outside Loss
Mitigator- (impartiality is a huge
plus) as you need a specialist.  
Careful about atty’s., remember
just because he did a great job
on your divorce does not mean
he knows everything about
home foreclosure options.  

Many lender’s representative’s
are under extreme pressure
and unless you know what you
are talking about they have an
agenda and don’t have time to
talk to you in depth about your
realistic options; and like a
Listing Realtor, they represent
the Lender, their allegiance is
to the Lender.  

If you would like a consultation
on what is going to happen and
when, along with information on
how to best approach the
situation give us a call.  We
have a working relationship with
over 15 major lenders and
whether one of our lenders is
your lender, or not, we will be
happy to assist you in making
the best decisions for your long
term financial situations.
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It's never too Late to get the information
you need so you can pro actively take
charge of the situation.

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situation of a friend it's always a good time
to take charge.

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