More about Vonage phone calling thru PRP's Contact Us Page VoIP Dialer:

If you are a Vonage customer you may also set up Vonage Me- VoIP service for yourself by clicking here:

However, it is not necessary to have Vonage or any other services in order to use our PRP Dialer.  It is provided as a free
courtesy and is a free call for anyone wishing to be contacted by entering their number.  Your privacy is protected because the phone
number is not collected to make the connection.  

The caller is dialed at the number provided and if you accept the incoming call from Vonage, then Vonage dials our companies number while
you hold.  Our company Customer Service or Floor representatives will answer during regular operation times.  

Calls made after hours are forwarded to a floor representative-whom will call back at their next available opportunity, if they are unable to
answer immediately.

Due to call volume, Callback's may be; returned next business morning, at the representative's discretion.
About Voice over Internet Protocol

These days, the Internet is exploding with new technologies and VoIP is a technology which allows our clients and potential clients to prompt a PRP representative
to call them.  The "Vonage Automated Operator" makes the connection to both of us, immediately!  If you are able to use an Internet Connection and you have a
phone number ready...
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