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    Voice-On-Demand Articles

    Listen to these by calling the main lines noted below- The topics
    are color coded so you'll be able to call the right phone number:

    Real Estate related Topics-
    Call 888-670-5060
    then press the 4 digit number to access the pre-recorded
    information when the "main menu" starts)

    Financing related Topics-
    Call 888-698-6839
    then press the 4-digit number to access the pre-recorded
    information when the "main menu" starts)

    Questions?  The pre-recorded Topic numbers will auto dial the
    "Personal Assistants" to answer or help you at the end of the
    recorded session.  Recorded sessions are approx.2 mins or
    less in time.

    If, at any time during the recording, you wish to connect with
    "Customer Service" just dial "0" then "773"- which will forward
    you to the next available "Customer Assistant".
Topic               Topic Name

5881-               Getting your Finances Ready
to                              Purchase a Property

5981-                Pre-Foreclosure Counseling

5711-                1st Time Homebuyers-
How to  
                        Purchase a Home

5771-                How to  Choose Financing-
Bankers Vs. Mortgage Brokers

5791-                How to choose a Loan Officer

5751-                Hidden Home Defects-
What to
                        look for & why you need a  

5731-                Tips for Improving your
                        Credit score

5851-                Qualifying for the Best Rates!

5861-                Market Commentary
                        What's going on in the
                        Securitized Mortgage Bond
                        Market that effect's rates
                        to obtain the edge on Mortgage
                        interest rate pricing.

5551-                Annual Review- Finding out How
                        to discover hidden assets!

5751                 Credit Review- Online Review
with written results page