Attention Agents:

We have a Short Sale Specialist- on Staff!

If you have...

  •    A property that just won't sell for the full price
    necessary to cover the costs to sell  

  •    Pre-Foreclosure property    

  •    Property that has a Sheriff's Sale Date set!

Tell Us About It!  

We'll help you deal with
the Seller's & Buyer's, the Lender(s) & the Atty's.,
then we'll pay you a Referral Fee
for letting us do the work!  

It doesn't get any better than that!

Servicing the Chicagoland, North and
Northwest Suburban areas

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Map Directions
Extra pictures
Information on accessing
Offer Submission Tips, etc.

...are all found at the extreme bottom
of any listings "
More Information"

How to get there, from here-

1.-    Use the site search box from any
web site page (on this page, it's
inside the Upper left, Mint Green Box)


1a -   Use the "Go To" drop down list
to the upper right for a more general
listing search. ("agents shaking
hands" box)  click on- Listings Tabs-
find your city alphabetically)

2.-    Scroll down to the picture of the

3.-    Click on "More Information."  
(make sure you
go all the way to the
bottom of that page
for the proper
Try "Quick Search" for    
      property information!

Use "Site Search boxes" on any
of our web pages where you see
mint green box with the site
search box inside.  

Just enter the search as:     
"address number (space) street
In Example:

2211 Lunt

Scroll to the bottom of the page
for Agent-related Information
An Active X control is necessary
to use "Chat" functions, you do
not need an account
Using Chat for sending a Showing Request:

**  The address of the property

**  Agent ID and name

**  Day and Time requested

Remember to leave your phone or email
contact info.  -confirmations are sent to MLS
registered email address after hours.