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Posted in Financing- Loss Mitigation,Real Estate by Administrator on the September 3rd, 2008

We’ve established this blog to promote real estate and financing topics as they relate to what’s going on in our local markets of Northwestern Chicagoland, Illinois.

We will be providing our featured listings with feature articles, pictures and research links, providing insights into the neighborhoods we serve and what each neighborhood area has to giveback to it’s community that makes it a unique place to call home. We hope that by providing content on local real estate for sale, snippets on investing, inspections and expanding on legislation that affects how we buy and sell real estate in illinois… our readers will gain insights and be motivated, informed purchasers in the future.

Knowing what your doing makes sense- spending money on property that can be expensive to own or will not appreciate as much as others; are factors that people whom study the markets and follow financing issues, are suited best to consult with. Specialists- keeping in mind, people you surround yourself with should be making it their business to know the field/industry they are in, in order to properly represent your interests.

Gone are the days of purchasing anything because it will go up no matter what, anyways. Now days, if it wasn’t a problem then -it’s a selling problem now! Buyers have more reasons to shoot down a property than to purchase it- cherry picking of the best properties is the name of the game, discounting til it hurts, and multiple offers highest and best. In order to compete for these desired properties, you need a Professional Realty Partner- “Carole Merrill” models don’t sell houses in Illinois anymore! We believe in keeping informed on the industry, ramping up for unique transactions and what can happen by preparing with detailed information and consulting of our own. We’ve done the leg work-even more so we continue to do the leg work for our customers thru education, positioning and communication.

We invite you to select a topic and search for the keyword in our site search box at href=””> discover the reasons why experience always wins out. Oh, and let us know if you don’t find any mention of your topic. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us!