Cook County stops evictions on some lenders

Posted in Welcome by Administrator on the November 1st, 2010

Lenders are having to stop and review their foreclosure files after it was brought up that some are not checking their work. Bank of America actually suspended foreclosure sales across America until they could verify their processes are being adhered to. approx 35 lenders were mentioned including Chase, JP Morgan & many other large institutions.

Credit Scams-How do you fight back???

Posted in Credit Notes by Administrator on the November 1st, 2010

Stephen Snyder has great newsletters that I find particularly interesting on Credit- this last one focused on Scoring and why the numbers you buy are not the “real” scores unless they are FICO scores.   They go on to say you can buy real FICO scores at: or to get more info on getting scores,  go to:
I’m suggesting that you pull your credit report FREE at www.AnnualCredit but only to review your tradelines and look for errors.   When you go to get the actual FICO numbers prior to purchasing a car or home, then it’s time to pull the actual FICO scores-the paid FICO ones.

But what about any other scores-if you purchase anything other than FICO scores then you’ve been ripped off as they aren’t used for credit purposes.   In that case Mr. Snyder suggests writing a letter to your atty, congressional leaders or the Federal Trade Commission and letting them know you’ve been ripped off… and I have to agree.    Letting them know it’s not right for agencies to offer scores that aren’t used for credit purposes… to be paid for as if they were actual credit scores should be criminal- and is a total waste of your  money and time.