Why Use a
Professional Realty Partners, Inc.
for your next Home Purchase??

  • Investment experience means your agent is
    able to help you get a home that has
    investment qualities because they look at more
    than just  the pretty exterior.

  • As a HUD Approved Buyers Representative  
    we can help you with submitting bids for under
    market properties direct from the government.

  • As  Loss Mitigation Consultants our company
    regularly deals with Lenders and Sellers that
    are motivated to sell early in the foreclosure
    process & you can help them both get out of a
    bad situation with an Equity position in your
    property right from the start!

  • Professional Realty Partners, Inc. Agents
    have a wealth of information at their disposal
    on zoning & neighborhood issues.  We check
    out the potential problems so you know what
    you are getting.  

  • No home is without flaws-we recommend
    Home Inspectors that will do their best to
    make sure you know what you are getting into
    and what it will cost to repair for better deal
  • Our Directory provides our clients discounted
    purchasing opportunities on services that you
    need when you buy or sell a home including
    some that are offered because of our
    affiliations with other participating companies.

Don't just buy a house...Invest in your retirement future
with a
Buyer Representation
Buyer Representation...

No one can predict the future, however, there are ways to ensure
that the home you purchase is as
free of defects and detractions as humanly possible...

Look at it this way, when you make an offer on a home you've
come to love,
do you have the time & resources to investigate what
makes it worth purchasing?

How do you know that the price you're offering is a realistic one?

Whom do you ask about schools, zoning issues, the roof or
mechanical's in the home?
There are many designations in the world that signify higher learning & this is one of the most important designations
a licensed Real Estate Professional can possess.

Accredited Buyer's Representative

This designation requires previous transactions in Buyer Agency, a track record that proves the agent has real world experience &
knowledge to assure you'll be well represented in your Real Estate transaction.

Ask for an ABR certified agent-this proves a continuing commitment to providing you with the best service available.  
ABR Designation

Existing Purchase or New Construction Transactions...
What does our Brokerage Offer to gain your Buyer Business?
Professional Realty Partners, Inc.
*  Buy  *  Sell  *  Finance  *  Consult

...To be honest, only from you, I see why
we use a realtor :-)  and I'd recommend
you to all my friends who want to sell/buy

Thanks for always sharing with me your
knowledge and insight, which I found
really helpful to me.
  Ms. Wu
Buyer's Interactive
Learning Center

Class Topics/Registration

How to improve your credit scoring
See for yourself, with a written review
of your Current Credit situation

Debt Consolidation/Investment Review
A review of your Debt load to reveal
where your money is being wasted and
where it works best for you.
There's nothing like it- I'm talking about buying your first home...

Some people think renting is the lesser of two evils however,
  •  Renting leaves you with no security- you pay your rent you stay another month -you don't & you're out in 30 days.
  •  Did your Landlord give you a parting gift of $50,000 or more when you moved to another rental?  
  •  Renters are still dialing the maintenance guy to get things fixed, days "after" they breakdown
  •  Most renters in Chicago drive around in circles before a space, up the street, opens up...not to mention it can be
        a security issue to walk alone in the middle of the night.
  •  Rents go up, landlords/management changes, noise in the building, no pride of ownership  

So how & why is it that Renters want to become Homeowner's?
  •  1st time homebuyer's are experiencing pride of ownership, privacy, their own garage parking  
  •  Most Homebuyer's will find after a couple years that the value of their Investment went up while they lived in the
  •  Tax Benefits and Sheltering Retirement Monies (home appreciation) up to a lifetime maximum of $500,000
  •  An earlier Financial Debt-free point can be reached with financial guidance when you have a property that gains
        value over time because you use your mortgage financing specifically tax-deductible interest to your advantage
 Request Mortgage Planning Interview

                    All homeowners should get an Annual Financial Review from their Loan Officers...
Richland Financial -Mortgage Planning Advisors are at your service with access to innovative planning strategies
             CMA property reports and referral partners that will help get your financial goals off to a great start!

But how do you ensure that the home you buy isn't a money trap???
Buyer Representatives...

understand the contracts, the area, the construction practices and when you go to make an offer on that home, they
represent your interests so you don't end up with a clay duck instead of a golden goose.  

Legislation has gotten stronger and stronger over the years because Buyers hadn't been properly represented, in the
past.  Having a Buyer Representative, one whom has studied & passed the ABR designation, is your best choice for
representation expertise & ensures that the experience of training, and on-the-job learning experiences are at your

                    The best news is...
                    Sellers are willing to pay the Buyer Representative
                    to bring you to their home & sell it!

Take advantage of FREE representation- it's a wise investment in your future!

**Professional Realty Partners, Inc., Richland Mortgage & 1st Commercial Funding are separate business entities. Using the
resources of one company does not imply use of another.
 Persons wishing to Buy or Sell Real Estate are encouraged to research
and decide for themselves on using any company that  transacts business in the marketplace.  
Final Thought for the Day:

Financing of a new home is one of the single largest Wealth Creating decisions a person makes in their adult lives.  So why is it that Financial Education is
not one of the required classes in High School or College???  
Click Here to find out more about Wealth Creation and how easy it can be to maintain a plan
for your Financial Well-being!