Besides the obvious, begin looking at your credit 60 days or more "before" making a purchase- requesting a
Richland Financial Mortgage Planner, can help you do this with an Annual Review  By going thru your financial
situation and making recommendations that will help you plan for Retirement, College expenses for the children and
many other life changing events you begin to see the power of making money passively & the best part...
it's FREE!

1. Check to make sure your lenders & creditors report to all three of the credit reporting agencies. You can get one
free credit report per year at

2. Identify the Creditors that do report. These are the ones that you want to pay down to 50% or less of the high
credit balance soon as possible.

3. Then, if using your cards means going over 50% debt, don't use your credit cards for the 30 to 60 day period just
prior to when you want to use your credit for the home purchase.  Keep in mind, creditors are quick to post bills and
slow to post payments.

4. Don't apply for credit or ask for credit increases during that same time period. Credit inquiries lower your credit
scores immediately (their is no lag time).  No shopping at car dealerships or furniture stores the week of your closing
either!  Even if you don't purchase something -having an entity check your credit worthiness can be picked up prior
to closing and affect your lenders final approval-
yes they check you at the beginning & just prior to closing.

5. When you reach that 60-day mark...purchase your "FICO scores" this time at (inquiries from
this site will not lower your credit scores).
What to do
                         you apply for a Home Loan...
If you want to read up on it here's an interesting internet site that could help you get started with ideas on how to get back on track! They have a weekly newsletter that you could
subscribe to if you find what they have to say informative.  
http://www.lifeafter bankruptcy/backissues   By the way, you don't have to have a problem with your credit to get a higher
score by using some of the ideas presented inside this link!
Have you had a Bankruptcy or Foreclosure in your past or you are going thru it now?
Richland Mortgage has Loan Originators at Professional Realty Partners, Inc. & while the person's that are dually licensed in Real Estate and Loan Origination work for both companies -Usage of
one companies services does not imply usage of the other.  Potential clients of either company must use their own judgement in choosing professionals to represent them in Mortgage and/or Real
Estate transactions.
Your Credit may
not be in great shape?

Find out how we can help you
increase your scores
before your
Lender sees your scores!

We offer our clients a
Credit Strengthening Review
and a written plan of action
to make sure you follow the plan
and get the better rates
higher scores can qualify you for!
Qualifications apply.  Conventional Rates
are directly tied to the Securitized Mortgage
Backed Bond Rates.  Pricing at the specific
time of locking into a specific program will
lock in the days rate for any program available
on that day. This is a Conventional Rate for
80%, Owner Occupied, Fully documented loan
files with credit scores that meet the lenders
requirements!  This is not an offer to lend!  
However, this Price Quote is designed to offer
enough information to see what programs are
available as a starting point for discussion and
with a credit report can be the basis for the
actual writing of a loan package to be
underwritten and submitted for an approval.
Latest News Tidbit:

Conventional Lenders
starting to tighten up on Credit
Scoring inquiries... 12/10/2008

The latest buzz... more than 3
inquiries in the past 90 days
and your disqualified!
Mortgage Planning
All money comes from the same place...
Can you afford not to work with a Professional?
Professional Realty Partners, Inc.
Warning:  Shopping at Garage Sales is a Potential
Goldmine for those that know what to look for.  

Buyers must beware of
buying Junk!  

Purchasing Mortgage Financing
is also a goldmine you benefit
from if done properly!

So if you enjoy Shopping,  Shop intelligently!
6. Apply for your mortgage financing or credit purchase if your scores are high enough to get you approved for the credit you seek.  How will you
know this?   
Call us!  Have your credit report information available for review & we'll  do a "dry run" to see how your situation will stack up for the
financing you have in mind.

Statistics prove that the majority of Americans do not follow up on their credit reports & when they begin their search for housing they don't go to a
financing professional first either-why is that?  

Call on a Financing professional first...
better yet CALL 888-698-6839 ext. 5021, Talk to one of our Richland Mortgage professionals and ask for
a credit review - We can make a credit review and give you a written roadmap that you can use to specifically increase your credit scores and then
you stand a better chance of getting better terms or programs which result in lower payments as a result of proper planning and follow thru!

To speed things up you may want to consider a credit repair service that monitors all three of your credit reporting agencies.

When you use a credit repair service, instead of you having to constantly monitor your credit reports, the service monitors your reports for you—
and you'll know exactly when something changes on your credit reports. This way, you'll avoid playing the extended clean up and wait game.