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Market Analysis-

    Fed Prime Rate changes

    Market Reports and their
    effect on Mortgage
    Interest Rates

    Re-price Alerts

Up to the minute alerts      
designed to help you avoid
Interest rate changes that  
effect the monthly mortgage  
payment you ultimately receive

Now how much do you think an
Advisor is worth to you- that has
this type of information and
knows how to interpret it to your
advantage... Priceless!

When the market changes for
the worse will  your "loan
 officer" call you?

When values go down is it a
trend, here to stay or just a public
Emotional response to the news
of the day?  

Has your "loan officer" kept  
   you informed?

It's that important!

That is why WE do it!

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Commentary on this page is delivered in anticipation of the market that moves
it.  The reviews are a reflection of the Trends that are developing from the daily
and weekly reports into a monthly review.

The Information requested is a forward looking result of opinions expressed by
many in the industry and collective thoughts... it is not to be relied upon as there
is no such thing as a guaranteed formula that can anticipate market perception.