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We write articles based on-

*  Observations in the marketplace
*  Drawing attention to legislation that
   affects the home buying public.  
*  Take Mortgage Products and          
   attempt to educate our fellow           
   professionals and clients on what    
   they do, why they are popular and   
   why one program doesn't fit all!
*  We bring attention to professionals
   in the industry like Appraisers &       
   Home Inspectors that offer               
   discounts on products our clients     
   use & we make you aware that they

... then we publish these articles in
our archives for easy reference in
the future.

When a property goes up for sale we
distribute it to our Realtor & Investor
email database to help each other to
identify notable properties.  If you
have a Seller or you are in the
market to purchase property, why not
use our web site for it's promotion.

Our Newsletters are interactive as
well!  If you have a question, a
concern or even better, an idea to
help strengthen our company as a
must have real estate bookmark in
our industry-we want to know about

So take a chance at fame-ask us
about something; we'll publish it and
the answer, so we can benefit our
most valued client base with
information that's important to all.
I personally invite you to make use of
the information within the
Professional Realty Partners web site!
 L. Compean
                                   CEO- PRP, Inc.
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