Buyers Representation-
New Construction Home Purchase
The ABR Designation
Buyers Representation

New Construction doesn't mean flaw-free!

There's nothing like having set foot where no one else has ever been...
it's truly a great feeling.

When you purchase new construction the contracts are written by the Builders and
that's an especially important time to have solid housing representation by your side.

Were you...
thinking of what the term "Substitution with like materials in appearance..."
really ment?"

We were...
& we bring our expertise along to ensure that you understand the points that you
should be aware of by bringing it step by step, to the attention of you and your attorney
before the closing occurs.

Find out How the new home sales market works
Buy from reputable Builder's
Evaluate the investment potential of the design and lot selection
Most importantly, raise questions when you can still do something about it
-not after you've made commitments.

Attend a New Construction Home Buyers Seminar in your area
Contact Us to find one going on in your area
or make a
one-on-one appointment with one of the
Professional Realty Partner's** Team members
to go over the details you will need to be an informed Buyer!

**Professional Realty Partners, Inc., 1st Commercial Funding are separate business entities.
Using the resources of one company does not imply use of another.  Persons wishing to Buy or Sell
Real Estate are encouraged to research and decide for themselves on using any company that  
transacts business in the marketplace.  
There are many designations in the
world that signify higher learning & this
is one of the more important
designations a licensed Real Estate
Professional can possess.

Accredited Buyer's Representative

This designation requires previous
transactions in Buyer Agency, a track
record that proves the agent has real
world experience & knowledge to
assure you'll be well represented in
your Real Estate transaction.

Ask for an
ABR certified agent-they
provide you a continuing commitment
to the best services available.  

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