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What does a Realtor do?
All of our agents and Contacts listed to the left, have common goals- they work hard and
they care about being at the top of their professions... if you have any questions or
concerns, we are here to assist you**.  Feel free to read up on our, diversified experiences
and educational backrounds.  

I am sure a representative will strike your interest and you can contact them right from their
web site page!

You can also:

submit loan application information
real estate contracts
and their documentation via SSL encryption
virtual desktop meetings via phone with Internet visuals   

... directly to them, with SSL encryption protection-BUT make sure you talk to us first so we can make sure you know how to do this correctly!

If you would like to
Have a Lending Representative Contact you for a Good Faith Estimate
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For other services which our partners offer, please direct inquiries to their email or direct
phone lines.

** The Partners listed are only those that have volunteered to list their businesses with us. Professional
Realty Partners, Inc. makes no warranties as to their professionalism, or ability to conduct business.  
These pages are not a referral but merely an opportunity to showcase the varied abilities of our Agents
and Companies listed within.  Borrower's/Clients are able to pick and choose those professionals inside
or outside of our company to represent them as they see fit.  

**Professional Realty Partners, Inc., Richland Mortgage & 1st Commercial Funding are separate
business entities.
Using the resources of one company does not imply use of another.  Persons wishing
to Buy or Sell Real Estate are encouraged to research and decide for themselves on using any company
that  transacts business in the marketplace.  
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Not all Real Estate Brokerages are the same.

Where you see this logo you can rest assured that all
agents within the company, are registered with the
Chicago Association of Realtor's and this is your
guarantee of Commitment; by all, that your transaction will
be handled by an agent that adheres to advancing their
field education, the "CAR" Code of Ethics and is
committed to delivering the Value expected by hiring a
Real Estate professional.  

We are
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