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Mission and Purpose:
Professional Realty Partners, Inc. has a company goal of actively recruiting highly
trained property experts in our market area...

So we asked, what would our companies be like if every representative adopted the internal
identity of being part of a team of the most highly trained
property experts in our market areas?

and how would our clients view our company, if our identity was that of our companies fielding the most highly trained
teams of property experts in our markets?

What new markets would we capture & control?

How would our competitors feel about doing business with our representatives/agents
when they are all highly trained experts in their fields?

Which top agents, from competing firms would we attract to our company?

When recruiting fresh talent to our firm, will the kinds of people we attract
fit our team philosophy, if this is our stated mission?

How powerful is it to be able to say to new potential clients & recruit's,
that "we provide the most highly trained, motivated teams
of property experts in our market"?

How much easier would our client's and new recruits decision be if every agent had continuing paid training & knew there
business niches the way
highly trained experts know theirs?

And what if their mission and purpose in their careers was
delivering the actual wants and needs of their clients?

Items, like:

  • Selling Quickly at a competitive price & terms

  • Finding the types of properties a Buyer wants to see based on Buyer needs, wants and style

  • Showing property within Budget by pre-screening and discussing financial planning

  • Reviewing and negotiating terms

  • Displaying Honesty & Integrity in their transactions

We Make the Commitment to assist our Client's -every day!

The experts at:  

Professional Realty Partners, Inc.
1st Commercial Funding

Professional Realty Partners, Inc. is an office concept devoted to those professionals in the industry that aspire to showcase their varied talents thru a single
outlet.  All of our Independent Agents work with Real Estate or Financing or preferably both-they do share one common workstation thru PRP, Inc.
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Office Hours:

Mon-Fri 10am -6pm
Sat & Sun 11am-4pm
as each Agent's schedule allows
after hours and Holidays
Professional Realty Partners, Inc.- 1100 Lee Street Office Real Estate Brokerage
Main Office:  888-670-5060          Main Office Fax: 847-803-8709
1st Commercial Funding 877-516-7100     

Yahoo Instant Messenger: ProfessionalRealtyPartners
Web site:  www.ProfessionalRealtyPartners.com
Additional Driving
< < < Location  -1100 Lee St. (also known as Mannheim Rd.)
Des Plaines, Illinois 60016
Located in Des Plaines on the western side of the street, in a one story building abutting
Lee/Mannheim road & across from the Firestone repair shop & Guiesppe's Italian eatery.  
The office is located 3 1/4 blocks South of the Des Plaines-Northwestern Train station.  
Between the major streets of Thacker/Dempster on the north, traveling south down Graceland
to the beginning of Lee/Mannheim road.  Approx. 200 feet & on the western side from the 3 way
intersection is 1100 Lee Street.  Algonquin Road is located to the southern side of the block.
**Professional Realty Partners, Inc., Richland Mortgage & 1st Commercial Funding are separate business entities. Using the resources of
one company does not imply use of another.
 Persons wishing to Buy or Sell Real Estate are encouraged to research and decide for themselves
on using any company that  transacts business in the marketplace.  
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