Please Review this first document:

Part 1 Document Submission and Processing Payment

           1- Print and fill out/sign these documents:

            2- Print a "blown up" Drivers license copy (Banks usually can do this for you in color- it needs to be

            3- If you already have a copy of a recent Credit Report, such as a report from "",or
            "" please include this as well.  Both of these sites offer FREE credit report deals so if you
              don't have a recent report go to one of the sites and get a Free report.


      A- Send these sensitive document pages via email with a password as an encrypted file.  Use the  
          SUBJECT LINE: (your last name) Please use: then
           call or text the password to (224) 725-3003.
      B- or Fax the 2 page Application, Tenant Credit Report Disclosure & Drivers License copy  and
           credit report to the Fax number (847)803-8709 direct to Professional Realty Partners, Inc.

We ask you to furnish a credit report thru or (both are Free) to
determine your ability to pay your Debt load.  We start the Screening/ Backround check process on the most likely
candidate(s) as determined by the initial Application review. When a Renter is found anyone that we did not start the
process on will receive their money back.  We minimize expenses for renters because we understand Rental Fees
can add up.  Using a credit card to process the Credit/Backround will allow us to reverse the charges on anyone's
fees that are not used for final processing.

Fill in the form to the right and let the rental agent know you've sent your application package and paid for the
screening process to begin >>>>>>>>>

Processing starts with the Credit Report Verification fee, which is requested via your email address from
this request allows them to pull the credit report, which is where the last $1.99 will be taken out.  For a total of $49.99,
if necessary.
FAQ's on screening process
Credit Report Disclosure-Authorization
Rental Application- 2 pages

After Documents review, you will be notified via email or phone to do the 2nd step. You will receive an email from
asking you to click on a link and pay an additional $1.99 -this is a verification procedure that needs
to be taken care of before processing can be completed on their end for credit and backround search.

Verifications are handled as quickly as possible but please allow
up to 3 business days for a determination to be

If you do not have an email address to send a verification to please let us know so we can make other arrangements
for you.

A suggestion would be to sign up for an email address; for the future, at a public library that has public computers
you can access.  It is convenient and useful for many other applications, if you ask your agent they can also help
you set up an email account for yourself.

Review Documents:

Chicago Rental Agreement and Landlord Tenant Ordinance
Illinois General Rental Agreement
Lease Addendum Clauses
Lead Paint disclosure
Radon disclosure
Mold disclosure
Pay for Screening Process $48.00 + $1.99 = total $49.99 per person
Please send this form when you
are done to notify your agent
that the files are sent/faxed.
Your name:
What Rental Address are you sending this in
When is your expected move-in date?
Any Comments, Questions? "Links"