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         Renters and FORECLOSURE!     Renters and FORECLOSURE!       

Renter's haven't gotten much help when it comes to finding out that your home is going into foreclosure or worse yet
has gone to sheriff's sale without your knowledge.

The federal government has enacted a
Renter's Bill of Rights effective thru the year 2014 due to this highly under
talked about issue.

Knowledge will set your mind free in this instance.  If you have been receiving notices directed at yourself or your
landlord from a lender it's time to consult with a
Short Sale and Foreclosure Specialist !

Here is an informative
collection of information from various sources to allow you to do a little research on your own.  
If you would like you can also call and we will get verification of Intent to Foreclose or confirm how long you have
left in the property.  No Worries, when you know how the procedure works!