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Professional Realty Partners, Inc. endeavors to maintain and deliver properties that
appreciate in value in the marketplace.  That provide safe, clean units that show landlords
and their Tenants a Pride in Ownership and respect for the people that live in the property.
We assist in strengthening Landlord/Tenant relationships as mediators.  Provide Emergency
Repair and Maintenance services and we also provide Eviction assistance, when necessary.

Renters have traditionally looked in newspapers, checked with friends and gone online to find
a place to call home and lately have found the Chicagoland Metro area to have a minimum
availability of housing and even more so a lack of housing stock capable of being rented as
Section 8 ready due to the amount of updating needed to pass Section 8 inspections.

This is a problem for many on both sides of the housing shortage.  Most notably, Rental
prices have gone up significantly due to demand.  Now, it is apparent that Renters must be
more careful than ever to research a landlord or property for pitfalls like fraudulent owners
intent on offering vacant properties for rent that aren't even theirs.  Taking money via out of
state addresses and generally are hard to find after the initial rental money goes out.  
Remember if it seems too good to be true. These days it is.

If you have any questions about the Ownership of a property you are looking to rent please
call us.  We can identify the Owner of Record and research whether the property is or is going
to foreclosure sale and advise you of your rights regarding leases and bank owned

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